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Clinical and Related Waste

SWS Healthcare Solutions is a significant service provider in the collection, treatment and disposal of clinical and related waste. Please contact us today to arrange a competitive quote.
SWS Healthcare Solutions supply clean, fully lined clinical waste bins that we collect on a tailored schedule and transport to our licenced waste treatment facility. Waste is then treated using state of the art steam sterilisation technology before being shredded and disposed. Our focus is on infection control at every stage during the process; protecting the integrity of our clients' accreditation commitments. 
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SWS Healthcare Solutions will develop a tailored service management plan to meet your clinical and related waste disposal commitments. We have an extensive range of internal and external clinical waste bins of varying sizes to suit every requirement. 
Internal Bins - NEW TO AUSTRALIA!

Introducing the RWT range of internal clinical and related waste bins that are distributed exclusively by SWS Healthcare Solutions. The RWT bins have a dual aperture and come with a trolley for enhanced mobility. 

  1. RWT72: A 72 litre clinical waste bin. 
    Dimensions H:660mm D:310mm W:510mm

  2. RWT72 Cytotoxic: A 72 litre cytotoxic waste bin.
    Dimensions H:660mm D:310mm W:510mm

  3. RWT34: A 34 litre clinical waste bin.
    Dimensions H:410mm D:310mm W:510

  4. RWT160: a 160 litre clinical waste bin.
    Dimensions: H:755mm D:510mm w:620mm



RWT72 Cytotoxic



These bins are not to be used for the collection of loose sharps.

The RWT72 and RWT72 Cytotoxic are perfect for the clinical environment that generates volume waste and needs a waste recepticle at the point of generation. This would suit hospitals, clinics, aged care residences and laboratories.

The RWT160 is perfect for clinical and research organisations that generate high volume waste and needs a waste recepticle at the point of generation. This internal bin comes with a dolly for easy manouverability and a laboratory lid attachment for the large aperture.

The RWT34 is perfect for the clinical environment that generates low volume waste and needs a waste recepticle at the point of generation. This would suit GPs and Dentists where the RWT34 would fit comfortable under a table or in a cupboard.

Accessories for the RWT range of bins include the stainless steel trolley for the RWT34 and RWT72; the dolly for the RWT160; as well as the Laboratory Lid attachment for the RWT160 (pictured above).

In addition to the RWT range we also supply other internal clinical waste bins:

55 Litre round with Pedal.

50 Litre round.

45 Litre recatangle.

SWS Healthcare Solutions safely transport the internal waste bins in our own lockable cages. 


SWS operate a scheduled and reliable pick-up service using a modern fleet of fit for purpose trucks.


The waste is delivered to our modern treatment facility, which employ people, processes and technology that guarantee the highest standards of clinical waste treatment.

External Bins
clinical waste bins

SWS supply and mantain a modern fleet of external bins that feature:

  • High quality construction

  • High standards of cleanliness

  • Industry standard bin liners (240 ltr and 120 ltr)

  • Quality locking systems

  • Clear signage

  • A full range: 1100 ltr, 660 ltr, 240 ltr, 120 ltr

clinical waste bins
Bin Liners

SWS Healthcare Solutions supply quality clinical waste bin liners for our 40 litre, 50 litre, 60 litre, 120 litre and 240 litre bins. 60litre clinical waste bin liners can be purchased separately in boxes of 200 and in addition to our internal range of clinical bins will also suit open frame trollies (see picture to right).



  • Excellent thickness

  • Clear Signage

  • Easily transferred into a larger clinical bin for disposal when full.

Selecting The Right Service

It is important that you select the right size clinical bin for your clinical waste requirements. There are 3 important considerations:

  1. Consider the available space you have to store a bin (How much room you have inside and outside of the premises may limit the size of bin you can practically use);

  2. Consider the volume of waste generated by your business (Space available for bins and volume of waste generated will typically determine the pickup frequency for your bins);

  3. Consider the effect of clinical waste sitting for long periods in clinical waste bins (You don't want clinical waste to be left uncleared for a long period of time as this can cause foul odour and potential contamination issues for you and your neighbours).

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