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Document and Product Destruction

document destruction
SWS Healthcare Solutions offers a single point of contact for the collection, transport, recycling and disposal for all your secure document and product destruction waste streams.
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Product Destruction

SWS are specialists in secure document and product destruction. SWS can be relied on to destroy a wide range of items through our network of secure facilities:


product destruction

Paper Products

Wood Products

Glass Products










CDs and DVDs

Video Tapes

Mobile Phones

Defective Goods

Dry Ingredients

Healthcare Products

Sports Equipment

Out of Date Items

Obsolete Goods

Overruns/Excess Stock

Recalled Products

Pharmaceutical Products

All Digital Media

Identification Badges


Prototype Products

All materials will be completely and securely destroyed with specialised skills and equipment. Rely on us to ensure that obsolete, expired, defective, prototype, mislabelled and all other excess product will never bring profit to thieves and counterfeiters.


A Certificate of Destruction is available on request each service.

We know that secure document destruction is as important to small business as it is to large corporations.

  • Financial statements

  • Customer records

  • Bank account details

  • Credit card details

  • Any document containing personal, private or sensitive information.


Identity theft is an escalating problem in our society today. It is not safe to simply throw this information away and hope that it does not fall into the wrong hands. However, most businesses do not have the physical space to store and keep archives of these sensitive documents.


SWS will provide permanent bins at your premises or provide a drop off and pick up service. Secure document destruction bins are 240 litres in size, lockable and have clear signage. The bins are collected as per the agreed schedule, or on call, and transported to our secure facility for shredding.


SWS will pursue recycling options for the shredded material.


Secure Document Destruction
document destruction
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