EZCollect18 (Without Safety Lid)

EZCollect18 (Without Safety Lid)

EZCollect18 (Without Safety Lid)- A sharps collector designed for point of use operation.

Three sizes in the open aperture style (12 litres, 18 litres and 25 litres). All sizes fit the EZ wall mount and EZ trolley accessories.

The aperture is large enough to accept sharps direct from a transfer tray ensuring no unnecessary handling of sharps.

All EZ Collect sharps collectors are nestable for efficient storage.
  • Details

    Product No.: DS-228-NT

    Product Standards: Manufactured to conform to AS4031:1992

    Manufacturing Standards: ISO 9001:2008

    Sizes: 18 litres

    Dimensions: 505mm (H) x 180mm (D) x 340mm (L)

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