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SWS Healthcare Solutions specialises in the provision of healthcare solutions for waste management. We supply a full range of clinical bins and sharps collectors and deliver clinical waste collection, treatment and disposal services for any sized business operation. 

But we are more than this. Through alliances with trusted international healthcare manufacturing organisations and waste management companies, SWS Healthcare Solutions are able to satisfy all your waste disposal needs including general waste, recycling, chemical waste, secure document, product destruction and sanitary waste.
Clinical Waste
clinical waste
Sharps Waste
sharps waste

SWS are fully compliant with the industry code of practice and relevant regulatory requirements for the safe and environmentally responsible collection, treatment and disposal of all types of clinical waste and related waste.


SWS also provide waste auditing and education services to assist clients to handle and segregate waste appropriately, maximising work health safety and optimising costs.

SWS offer a full range of accredited sharps collectors from small personal use collectors (250ml) through to large operating theatre collectors (EZPlus72 litres) and everything in between. Check out our SWS Shop for our range of sharps collectors and accessories.


By correctly disposing of syringes, needles and scalpels you are helping protect people in your environment and our waste handlers from potential needle stick injuries and infection.


Recycling and General Waste
PVC and vinyl recycling

SWS offers a single point of contact for the collection, transport, recycling and disposal for all your general and recycling waste streams.


SWS is working with hospitals to recover used and non-contaminated vinyls for recycling. This initiative will divert a lot of waste from landfill and has become an important sustainability initiaitive for the sector.


Secure Document and Product Destruction
product destruction

SWS offer secure document and product destruction services. SWS can be relied on to destroy a wide range of items through our network of secure facilities.


Rely on us to ensure that obsolete, expired, defective, prototype, mislabelled and all other excess product will never bring profit to thieves and counterfeiters. A Certificate of Destruction is available for each service.

Feminine Hygiene
sanitary waste

SWS offer two slimline sanitary disposal units for our clients. One a pedal operated front lift unit and the other a side lift unit (pictured).


Both sanitary disposal units are sanitised with a perfumed, antibacterial liner to ensure a hygienic disposal method and a pleasant fragrance between services. 

Chemical Waste
chemical waste

SWS offers a single point of contact for the collection, transport and disposal of various industrial, hazardous and dangerous goods chemical waste packaged in containers, drums or bins. 


All SWS chemical waste collection and disposal services are fully compliant with the industry code of practice and relevant regulatory requirements.

Download our Pollution Incident Response Management Plan here:

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