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Sharps Waste

sharps waste
SWS Healthcare Solutions offer a 'closed loop' sharps service model from the supply of sharps collectors through to the collection and disposal of all your sharps waste. We provide a complete 'no fuss' clinical waste sharps management solution to suit your needs. 

What's in it for you?


  • Enhanced user satisfaction by providing the right sharps collector, in the right location to service the type of sharps requiring disposal.

  • Enhanced work health safety and reduced risk of sharps injury by eliminating unnecessary handling of both sharps and the sharps collector.

  • Enhanced infection control standards and reduced risk of health acquired infections by supplying new, unused sharps collectors.

  • Improved waste segregation practices through a combination of the right sharps collector in the right location and supported by tailored in-service sessions for staff.

  • Reduced costs.

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NEW RELEASE - EZ range of sharps collectors

SWS Healthcare Solutions is excited about its innovative new range of sharps collectors. 


The EZCollect model comes in 3 sizes; 12ltr, 18ltr and 25ltr. EZCollect has a 100mm wide aperture capable of receiving a kidney dish (or equivalent) of sharps tipped into the collector without any handling direct handling of sharps required.


The EZCollect is packed with safety features:

  • Counter balanced lid with a large aperture ensuring you can safely discard sharps without congesting or inhibiting the aperture and that ensures maximum fill capacity is always achieved

  • Handles built in to the sides of the collector (and not on the lid) ensuring no accidental spills when lifting collectors

  • Collectors are puncture proof, spill proof and tamper proof

  • The lid cannot be accidentally locked ensuring you never end up with an empty or near empty sharps collector

  • Collectors fitted with the safety tray are best suited for non-controlled areas and stops prying hands from entering the container as well as preventing overfilling

  • ​Designed to be wall and trolley mounted facilitating convenient point of use operation

  • Clip lock flap to seal the container for safe handling ready for disposal.


The EZCollect is also available with a lid that does not include a safety tray. This model is suited for controlled areas accessible only by health professionals. Without Safety Lid feature enables even greater access to the wide aperture for those larger items. 

sharps collector
sharps collector
sharps collector
sharps collector

The EZPlus model is our larger surgery and theatre style sharps collector.


When trolley mounted this sharps collector allows hands free access through a duo port lid into the largest aperture of any of our sharps collector models. The trolley is stable, maneuverable and easily operated using the foot pedal.


The EZPlus is packed with safety features:

  • Puncture proof, leak proof and tamper proof (hermatic permanent seal + 16 point-positive locking system)

  • Duo port lid ideal for disposal of even the largest sharps items (e.g. laparoscopic)

  • Total capacity of container is usable

  • Integrated side handles makes it easy to carry and forces two handed lifting

  • Stacking (empty and full) maximises usage of scarce space

  • Trolley enables hands free operstion for all sizes in range

The EZPlus model comes in 3 convenient and popular sizes: 60ltr, 50ltr and 30ltr.


sharps collector
Other Sharps Collectors 
sharps collector

SWS Healthcare Solutions still supply a complete range of all our traditional sharps collector favourites. Our range of sharps features:

  • Australian Standard compliance

  • Puncture and spill proof design for added safety in use and handling

  • A range of hanging, trolley and wall mounting accessories

  • A range of sizes to suit your needs (from 500ml to 65 litres)

  • Designed to be incinerated or autoclaved in accordance with local regulations.


If a sharps collector is not available on the SWS Shop then please call to make an enquiry. We are sure to have the collector that is right for your needs.

Selecting The Right Service

SWS Healthcare Solutions will work with you to determine the right sharps collector for your needs based on:

  • Volume of sharps clinical waste produced in a given period,

  • Locations where sharps collectors are required, and

  • Space available to position the sharps collector.


This will help determine the number, type and size of sharps collectors required as well as the frequency of collection.


SWS Healthcare Solutions have a scalable clinical waste sharps solution offering including:

  • The provision, collection, treatment and disposal of a single sharps collector (and multiples thereof), through to

  • A fully managed clinical waste sharps solution for a large facility where all sharps collectors within the facility are assembled monitored, replaced when full, transported to the waste holding area and then correctly disposed.


This service is typically combined with a fully integrated waste management service.


Not only will we collect and dispose all your existing full sharps collectors of clinical waste, we can update you with all the latest in sharps collector technology. In every case, SWS Healthcare Solutions will provide advice on the correct handling and disposal of sharps clinical waste using the selected containers.

Download our Sharps Solution Brochure 
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