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Waste management solutions for a healthier,

sustainable future

Products and services

SWS Healthcare Solutions supply products and services that meet the strictest infection control standards in the handling treatment and disposal of clinical waste. Our clinical waste bins and sharps collectors meet appropriate standards and our clinical waste treatment processes are approved by NSW Health and the EPA. 

Clinical Waste
Sharps Waste
PVC Recovery Program
Recycling & General Waste
Document & Product Destruction
Chemical Waste
Who we care for
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Healthcare services: Servicing primary, secondary, tertiary, allied and public health. SWS Healthcare Solutions is able to offer a total healthcare waste management program that includes the supply and service of our new EZ range sharps technology.


Research and laboratory diagnostic services: SWS Healthcare Solutions works with diagnostic laboratories and research facilities to address the clinical waste and other waste management needs.

Aged care services: When supporting Aged Care and Nursing Home facilities our true value is realised at times when you need quick response to unscheduled disposal of peak volumes of waste.

aged care

Veterinarian services: SWS Healthcare Solutions offers a total veterinary waste management service that includes freezer content disposal and cremation services.

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Other services: Our complete range of sharps technology and our clinical waste and other waste removal services supports many small to medium enterprises outside the healthcare profession that require sharps, clinical and other waste disposal services. 

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