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Recycling and General Waste

SWS Healthcare Solutions offers a single point of contact for the collection, transport, recycling and disposal for all your general waste streams.
PVC Recovery in Hospitals Program
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PVC recycling

SWS Healthcare Solutions is a signatory to the PVC Recovery Program, which is a resource recovery initiative of the Vinyl Council of Australia. 


PVC recovery in hospitals is an initiative aimed at collecting used PVC medical products for recycling into useful new products. 


Plastics account for about one third of a hospital’s general waste, most of which is sent to landfill in Australia.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is widely used in healthcare in IV fluid bags, tubing, oxygen masks and blood bags and is identified on products or packaging by the Plastics Identification Code ‘3’. 

PVC recycling

SWS Healthcare Solutions will supply dedicated, clearly labeled PVC Recovery bins, handily located in the areas generating high volumes.


As with all waste segregation, separating PVC products from non-PVC products at the source of waste generation leads to a higher volume of waste being diverted from landfill. It also produces  a higher quality of PVC recyclate since contamination by other material has been minimised.


In the recycling bin goes; oxygen masks and tubing; IV fluid bags (empty); and suction tubing.

Australian healthcare consumes over 2,500 tonnes of recycleable PVC a year.’ Forbes McGain, Anaesthetist and recycling advocate, Western Health


Leave out: contaminated material; regulated wastes; products with multiple plastic parts; gloves; non-PVC IV fluid bags; elastic straps; and hard plastic inserts. If In doubt, leave It out! 


SWS Healthcare Solutions also provide bins and a recycling service for Kimguard waste in addition to clinical waste service contracts.

General Waste and Recycling
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SWS offers extensive general wasteservices across a wide range of dry and solid waste streams including:


  • Paper

  • Cardboard

  • Metal

  • Wood

  • Organic & Green Waste

  • Construction & Demolition Waste

  • Product Destruction

  • Document Shredding

  • Commercial & Industrial Waste

  • e-waste


Let us help tailor your waste management requirements.


SWS offer customers the opportunity to leverage a wide range of general waste bins that can be tailored to a pick-up service. Consideration is given to volume of waste produced, location, accessibility and preferences when tailoring a cost competitive solution for you.


Range of durable plastic bins: 120litre, 240litre, 660litre and 1100litre. Ideal for smaller volumes of waste and for sites with restricted areas requiring easy manouverability.


Range of steel bins: 1.5m3, 3.0m3, and 4.5m3. Strong and durable construction these bins are chain lockable and ideal for medium to large sites.


Range of bulk bins:

  • Marrell bins ranging from 5.0m3 to 15.0m3

  • Hook Lift bins ranging from 12.0m3 to 31.0m3


Suitable for sites of varying accessibility. Smaller bins well suited when multiple bins are needed for different waste types. Caters for large amounts of non-compactable, bulky waste.

general waste
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